Pharmacokinetics of dactinomycin in a pediatric patient population: A United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group study (2005)

Author(s): Veal, G. J., Cole, M., Errington, J., Parry, A. P., Hale, J. P., Pearson, A. D. J., Howe, K., Chisholm, J., Beane, C., Brennan, B., Waters, F., Glaser, A., Hemsworth, S., McDowell, H., Wright, Y., Pritchard-Jones, K., Pinkerton, R., Jenner, G., Nicholson, J., Elsworth, A., Boddy, A. V.

    • Type of Article: UKCCSG Pharmocology Working Group
    • Journal: Clinical Cancer Research
    • Volume: 11
    • Issue: 16
    • Pages: 5893-5899
    • Publication type: Article
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Dr Gareth Veal
    Senior Lecturer