Sendai virus-mediated CFTR gene transfer to the airway epithelium (2007)

Author(s): Ferrari S, Griesenbach U, Iida A, Farley R, Wright AM, Zhu J, Munkonge FM, Smith SN, You J, Ban H, Inoue M, Chan M, Singh C, Verdon B, Argent BE, Wainwright B, Jeffery PK, Geddes DM, Porteous DJ, Hyde SC, Gray MA, Hasegawa M, Alton EWFW

      • Journal: Gene Therapy
      • Volume: 14
      • Issue: 19
      • Pages: 1371-1379
      • Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Michael Gray
      Reader in Cellular Physiology