Prevalence of adenomas and hyperplastic polyps in carriers of HNPCC (LYNCH Syndrome) (2004)

Author(s): Liljegren A, Barker G, Mathers J, Lindblom A, Nilsson B, Rotstein S, Burn J, Bishop T, CAPP2 Study Grp

      • Date: 5-8 June 2004
      • Conference Name: Journal of Clinical Oncology: 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
      • Volume: 22 (14, supplement)
      • Pages: 98S abstract no. 1007
      • Publisher: American Society of Clinical Oncology
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published



        Professor Sir John Burn
        Professor of Clinical Genetics

        Professor John Mathers
        Professor of Human Nutrition