Dr Faye Cooles
Academic Clinical Fellow (Rheumatology)

Why did you choose Newcastle?


Newcastle has an excellent worldwide reputation for innovative and exciting Rheumatology Research – it also has a reputation for being a fun and exciting place to live and I have found both statements to be very true!


I chose Newcastle initially to complete my academic foundation training and that provided excellent mentoring, ongoing research interests and opportunities which allowed me to successfully apply for an ACF in Rheumatology within the Northern Deanery.


What are your aspirations for your time on the Clinical Academic Training Path?


The ACF is an amazing opportunity to complete both clinical training as well as set up an academic career.  I am currently developing a research pilot study that will allow me to apply for an externally funded fellowship in the next few years with the aim of completing a PhD. From then on, a career in academic Rheumatology in a tertiary centre would be my ideal path.


Current Work

After completing my undergraduate training at Edinburgh, I moved down to Newcastle to take part in the Northern Deanery Academic Foundation Programme I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to pursue my interest in Rheumatology under the supervision of Professor Isaacs.

Over the next 2 years I hope to improve on my knowledge of rheumatic disease, my generic clinical and research skills as well as participating in specific projects, such as the development of a comprehensive database for the longitudinal analysis of patients presenting to an early arthritis clinic.