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thumbnail Low-calorie diets for Type 2 diabetes assessed

Research which could provide a definitive judgement on whether low-calorie diets should be offered as a treatment option to put Type 2 diabetes into remission is to start.

published on: 10th October 2013

thumbnail New centre to speed up development of arthritis drugs

Researchers will be testing drugs for other conditions to see if they can be used to help people with arthritis.

published on: 3rd October 2013

Closing the gap - the way ahead

Pioneering research looking at closing the gap in health inequality has been hailed a success after coming up with a programme for the way ahead.

published on: 2nd October 2013

thumbnail Breast Cancer research highlights gaps

Research involving a Newcastle University academic has identified the ten critical gaps that exist in breast cancer research.

published on: 1st October 2013

thumbnail Hairy Dieter takes to the dance floor

Hairy Biker Dave Myers is appearing in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing thanks to losing weight with the help of Newcastle University academics.

published on: 16th September 2013

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