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thumbnail Young arthritis sufferers choose treatments that ‘make life normal’

New research at Newcastle University suggests that young arthritis sufferers make decisions based on how treatment will affect their appearance, their social life and their physical and mental well-being.

published on: 19th February 2014

thumbnail Brain tumours targeted by new study

Newcastle University scientists will lead a groundbreaking research project aimed at beating childhood brain tumours.

published on: 14th February 2014

thumbnail Early parenting routines may harm breastfeeding

New collaborative research between Newcastle and Swansea University indicates that mothers who choose to follow strict parenting routines for sleep and feeding in early infancy are less likely to breastfeed their baby or to stop in the first few weeks.

published on: 14th February 2014

thumbnail Toolkit to encourage greater sharing of university research equipment

A unique toolkit has been launched to make it easier for universities to share research equipment, and as a result increase research excellence and improve efficiencies.

published on: 13th February 2014

thumbnail QuantuMDx launches crowdfunding campaign to help eliminate malaria with handheld lab

On 12 February, QuantuMDx will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to support the humanitarian health challenge to eradicate malaria by further developing and trialing their 15-minute malaria/drug resistance test using their handheld laboratory.

published on: 11th February 2014

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