Breast Cancer Research Group

Research Achievements

Professor Lennard's group have made important contributions in assessing a variety of prognostic markers and the biological importance of chemokines and contributes to National breast cancer trials. Dr Verrill's research focuses on the clinical evaluation of novel endocrine and chemotherapeutic reagents for the treatment of breast and other cancers. The group of Professor Westley and Dr May has performed important studies on the oestrogen responsiveness of breast cancer and in particular the expression, biology and structures of the trefoil group of proteins. Dr AV Boddy has been influential in the development and use of pharmacokinetics in cancer treatment.

Research Strategy

This research grouping will formalise our previous and current collaborative research links and provide an impetus for new collaborative research projects funded by national or international grant awarding bodies. The strategy will be to exploit the laboratory-based research in Pathology/Northern Institute for Cancer Research and Surgery which seeks to understand the biology and role of a variety of proteins in breast cancer and the expertise in pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, to take key proteins forward as potential markers of response to endocrine and chemotherapy and explore their use as targets for treatment of breast cancer.

Further information about this area of research can be found on the Northern Institute for Cancer Research website.

Staff List


Professor Thomas Lennard
Professor of Breast & Endocrine Surgery

Dr Felicity May
Senior Lecturer

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