Cell and Developmental Physiology

Research Achievements

The Cell and Developmental Physiology Research Group collectively has active research funding in excess of 3 million, including two Programme Grants, from the MRC and the Wellcome Trust. We strive to publish our work in leading journals in order to maintain our standing in our respective fields and have published papers in Current Biology, Nature Cell Biology and Journal of Cell Biology. Our group members have editorial roles on journals; hold senior office on UK scientific societies, and are part of the MRC Advisory Board.

Research Strategy

The Cell and Developmental Physiology Research Group uses imaging technologies to examine cell signalling paradigms. The processes we are interested in are at the molecular level: how Ca2+ is released from intracellular stores, how lipid second messengers interact to assemble signalling complexes, and at the cellular level: how cell cycle resumption is initiated in eggs and how intracellular signals control cell cycle progression; survival and differentiation. We use Green Fluorescent protein tagging combined with a suite of imaging facilities including low-light level wide field fluorescent timelapse, confocal microscopy, multiphoton imaging and evanescent wave technology to explore these processes in time (from fast imaging to longer timelapse work) and space (including deep within specimens).

Further information about this area of research can be found on the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences website.

Staff List


Professor Caroline Austin
Professor of Molecular Biology

Dr Timothy Cheek
Reader in Cell Signalling

Professor David Elliott
Professor of Genetics

Dr Jun-yong Huang

Dr Mark Levasseur
Senior Research Associate

Professor Michael Whitaker
Professor of Physiology

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