Oncology and Palliative Care - Quality & Expertise

Oncology & Palliative Care Expertise

"This programme offers excellent support and resources".
Helen Robinson, Oncology Nurse, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey.

There is a tremendous amount of oncological and palliative care expertise in Newcastle, with almost every aspect of the subject being the particular interest of some professional in Newcastle or the North East. The bringing together of this knowledge base, and the interaction with students using this knowledge base as a tool will, we are certain, provide a comprehensive, intellectually stimulating, and extremely useful educational experience to all students involved in it. We hope that all the students, contributors and mentors enjoy and profit from this experience.

Reputation for Quality

One of the UK's leading research and teaching universities, Newcastle University has an excellent reputation for quality and offers:

  • a course designed in collaboration with the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR)
  • Expertise of established cancer research unit in cancer pharmacology/cancer biology
  • Track record as a major provider of multi-professional accredited Masters degrees programmes
  • Unifying nature of the University within the region in representing the various interests/needs of a multiprofessional audience
  • Unique and strong partnership with the Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCCC)
  • Innovative and creative approaches to learning and teaching
  • The knowledge that we put students first.


We continually improve our programmes by listening and acting upon the views of a number of people including, in particular, the participants of the programmes.

At the end of each module, and at the end of the programme, you will complete an on-line evaluation questionnaire. We value your feedback therefore throughout every stage of the programme you will be invited to let your module leader know immediately if something is wrong or missing.