Flow Cell

Flow CellThe Flow Cell was constructed in 2005 as part of the AMBIO project to investigate the use of nanotechnology in biofouling resistant coatings.

Ongoing instrumentation and equipment upgrades have kept the facility at the leading edge of research activity.

Services Offered

The Flow Cell has been designed to simulate the fully developed turbulent boundary layer developing over the hull of high speed ships.

Microscope slides are covered with the trial coating and then different types of organisms are settled on them. The slides are introduced into the boundary layer and the wall shear stress is measured. The flow cell has been used to measure the adhesion strength of cyprid barnacles in a salt water flow environment simulating the boundary layers developing on a 140m vessel travelling at speeds up to 40 knots.

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Further Information:

  • Contact: Peter Bowes, Facilities Manager
  • Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 6919
  • Email: p.bowes@ncl.ac.uk