Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE)

KITE brings together the work of a number of groupings from the Business School and Geography, all of which are concerned with the management of innovation and creativity, policy and enterprise. Our focus is the way in way in which emerging technology trends are interacting with new businesses, management and policy models.

Services Offered

Staff at KITE come together around specific projects and publications which reflect their interests and expertise, under the direction of the centre directors and executive. Overall these themes connect to a vision of the changing nature of innovation.

These linked and cross-cutting themes include:

  • Complex Project Innovation
  • eBusiness@Newcastle
  • Innovation, Sustainability & Enterprise
  • Public Services Innovation (PSI)

Over the next few years we will be developing this research agenda, assisted by our Advisory Board, International Scientific Panel and engagement with Project Partners. A key set of relationships for us will be Newcastle Science City, but we are also heavily embedded in a set of international networks and linkages and our research will continue to take a strongly international orientation.

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