X-Ray Crystallography

X-ray crystallographyThe Newcastle University Chemical Crystallography Research Group is responsible for providing an X-ray crystallography service to external businesses.

Services Offered

The overwhelming majority of our crystallographic experimental work is carried out on our two area-detector diffractometers. We have a Bruker SMART 1K and a Nonius-Kappa CCD diffractometer.

Both machines use Mo radiation and are equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream for low-temperature data collection.

We also have a STOE 4-circle diffractometer with a point detector and a Bede Microsource copper X-ray tube.

This is used for small samples, where the greater intensity provided by copper radiation, together with the increase from the use of the Microsource over a standard tube, allow the collection of data which would otherwise be too weak. It is also used when it is important to determine absolute configuration in samples containing no heavy atoms.

Ancilliary equipment includes powerful microscopes, computers for processing data, cd-writers and external hard drives for secure data backup plus an automated archiving system, designed in-house, for safe systematic storage of results.

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