Working with Business

Access Funding for Research Collaborations


Funding to support projects and partnerships.

Business Voucher Scheme

Our Business Voucher Scheme contributes up to £5,000 towards the cost of a project. A Business Voucher provides matched funding for businesses towards: 


  • survey and feasibility studies
  • proof of concept and validation
  • product development and design
  • analysis and testing;
  • commercial and contract research

Business–academic knowledge exchange programmes

We run business – academic knowledge exchange programmes that benefit businesses by supporting research collaborations and partnerships with industry. These programmes include Impact Accelerator Account (IAA) schemes for:

The University also runs the Medical Research Council (MRC) Newcastle Proximity to Discovery Industry Engagement programme. This includes Newcastle University (NU) Solutions, which can award collaborative research project funding of between £5 and £20,000 to support industry-led challenges using the platform.    

Funding partnerships

You can access funding in partnership with the University from organisations including Innovate UK, Horizon 2020 and Research Councils UK.