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Technology Transfer and Licensing

Biomedical Sciences

Alginate - Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitor
Alginates which are potent inhibitors of pancreatic lipase in vitro.

Antibody Efficacy and Safety Testing 
Novel skin explant assay for assessment of adverse immune reactions.

Clinical Trials in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (UK-PBC)
National Trial Resource.

Dermal Absorption and Metabolism Testing Service
Bespoke testing for clients in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Therapeutic Compounds
A compound which inhibits the serine protease enzyme matriptase.

Egg Collection Technology
Controlled environment system.

Endonuclease NucB
A Novel Anti-biofilm Technology.

Engineered Biomimetic Material - Cell Adhesion/Differentiation
Synthetic protein polymer which can create a range of biomimetic materials including surface coatings, hydrogels and tissue scaffolds.

Enzymatic Dispersal of Biofilms by NucB
The endonuclease NucB from a marine strain of Bacillus licheniformis: A Novel Anti-biofilm Technology.

Gene Signature for Early Diagnosis of Sero-negative Rheumatoid Arthritis
Gene signature and related methods for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in particular anti-cirullinated peptide antibody (ACPA)-negative RA.

GMP Fibroblasts

GMP grade human fibroblast feeder cell line to progress the use of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) derivatives for cellular therapies.

GvHD Diagnostic Biomarkers
A panel of transplantation biomarkers for prediction and diagnosis of Graft-versus-host disease.

Humanised Mice as an Evaluation Tool for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Reproducible murine model featuring human CD4 and CD8 T cells in blood and IgG producing B cells in the spleen.

In vitro Human Kidney Proximal Tubule Cell Model 
In vitro human kidney proximal tubule cell model to predict renal drug handling and drug-drug interactions.

Intelligent Blood Pressure Measurement Device
Intelligent blood pressure measurement technology which improves the accuracy of blood pressure measurements.

Method of Inducing Bacterial Cell Membrane Synthesis
Method of inducing L-form proliferation enabling bacteria to dramatically upregulate membrane synthesis.

Models of Early Dental Biofilms
Models to culture biofilms under continuously flowing media, mimicking the continual replenishment of saliva in the mouth.

Neuro-electrodiagnostic Expansion Units and Software (NEXUS)
Low cost technology (NEXUS) which allows the recording of multi-channel (30+ channels) EMG and other peripheral signals through standard EEG systems.

Novel siRNA Delivery Method

A a polymer micelle platform which facilitates the safe and efficient in vivo delivery of siRNA to a target tissue.

Prognostic Test for Liver Fibrosis
A test to predict those patients who will progress to clinically significant disease from liver biopsy tissue.

Physiologically Relevant Model Gut System 
In vitro Model Gut System (MGS) - simulating digestive processes of gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Synthetic Retina 
Future cell based replacement therapy and in-vitro model.

Thiopurines Assay for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 
Method to detect metabolite levels in white blood cells.

Unilateral and Bimanual Dexterity Test Pegboard
Manual dexterity test which has been specifically developed for use in those with a disability affecting hand use which includes a bimanual function.


Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Carbon Capture
Development of this catalytic method

Deagglomeration of Nanodiamond
Method for the total deagglomeration of nanodiamond

Energy Harvesting and Low Power Electronics
Power sensing method for energy harvesting and low power electronics

Expressive touch-based interaction
Invention for improvements in the capabilities offered by applications that are accessed through touchscreen devices

Free Piston Internal Combustion Engine
Novel free-piston 'crank-less' internal combustion engine with the ability to run in a split cycle mode

Hydrogen production
A new method for cheap and efficient hydrogen production

Micro-Scale Heat and Power
External combustion Joule cycle with free-piston engine power converter

Metal-air Battery
High energy density battery employing a metal carbonate impregnated electrode

User ID for Touch Screen Devices
Wrist-worn accelerometers to allow for user identification for touchscreen devices

Reduced Cost Ambient Pressure Drying of Silica Aerogels
A method for producing aerogels at a fraction of the cost of existing approaches