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Scientists discover the secret to a long life

published on: 5th August 2015

Errington Lab: Current Biology Publication

Cell Growth of Wall-Free L-Form Bacteria Is Limited by Oxidative Damage
Yoshikazu Kawai1, Romain Mercier1, Ling Juan Wu, Patricia Domínguez-Cuevas, Taku Oshima, Jeff Errington


The cellular levels of ROS are increased when cell wall synthesis is blocked

Oxidative damage is a serious impediment to growth of wall-deficient L-forms

Reduction of ROS levels promotes L-form growth

L-forms provide new insights into the mode of action of cell wall antibiotics

published on: 23rd July 2015

Embley Lab: Nature Publication

Nature | News & Views
Evolution: Steps on the road to eukaryotes
T. Martin Embley  & Tom A. Williams 
Nature  521, 169–170 (14 May 2015) doi:10.1038/nature14522 Published online  06 May 2015

published on: 23rd July 2015

Perkins Lab: New Oncotarget Publication

The clinical development candidate CCT245737 is an orally active CHK1 inhibitor with preclinical activity in RAS mutant NSCLC and Eµ-MYC driven B-cell lymphoma

published on: 23rd July 2015

Embley group: publication in PNAS

published on: 15th July 2015

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