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Austin Group: New Publication in Stem Cells

Controlling the survival of human pluripotent stem cells by small molecule-based targeting of topoisomerase II alpha

published on: 2nd February 2015

New Publication in Cell

Dual Proteolytic pathways govern glycolysis and immune competence, Cell, 159, 1578-1590, December 18, 2014

published on: 20th January 2015

Davies Group: new publication in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

CtIP tetramer assembly is required for DNA-end resection and repair:  Owen R Davies, Josep V Forment, Meidai Sun, Rimma Belotserkovskaya, Julia Coates, Yaron Galanty, Mukerrem Demir, Christopher R Morton, Neil J Rzechorzek, Stephen P Jackson and Luca Pellegrini

published on: 16th January 2015

thumbnail Gilbert Group: new research published in Nature

Medical research revealed (Northern Echo, p55)

Our Own Friendly Neighbourhood Yeast-Breakers (National Geographic)

Gut bacteria that digests beer, bread can also battle autoimmune diseases (Business Standard, India)

Led by Professor Harry Gilbert, and the University of Michigan, new research published this week in the journal Nature reports that bacteria have evolved to digest complex carbohydrates generated by yeast.  A strain of bacteriodetes digest mannon which cannot be broken down in the human gut.

published on: 12th January 2015

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