Additional Services

In addition to the conventional forms of proteomic analysis detailed on our services list, Pinnacle also has significant amounts of experience and interest in non-proteome-based biological mass spectrometry.

Our lab is actively involved in several collaborations in non-protein related areas.

Some examples of the types of molecular structures and areas that we are actively investigating include:

  • Peptides & peptide derivatives (e.g. siderophores, bacteriocins)
  • Sugars & Carbohydrates
  • Nucleotides & their derivatives (e.g. GMP-cisplatin products)
  • Glycopeptides & related (e.g. muropeptides)
  • Lipid / Glycolipid derivatives (e.g. lipoic acid derivatives)
  • Other metabolites (e.g. porphyrins, acetyl-CoA)

If you would like to discuss a biological MS proposal, need advice about analysis strategy or perhaps require costing information, feel free to contact the unit.