Dr Christopher Ward
Senior Lecturer

  • Email: chris.ward@ncl.ac.uk
  • Telephone: 0191 208 8460
  • Address: Institute of Cellular Medicine (Respiratory) and ICaMB Room Cookson 1.072, Floor1 , Cookson Building Medical School
    Newcastle University
    Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4HH


Injury and remodelling in airways disease
Integrative pathophysiology in translational research

Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Victorian Young Investigator Award
European Respiratory Society Long Term Research Fellow
European Respiratory Society Asthma and Allergy Research Award
European Respiratory Society Lung Transplant Research Prize (X2 to my students)

European Respiratory Society Research Fellow
MRC Project grant
MRC Clinical Fellowship (Supervisor)

Research Interests

My primary interest is in patho-physiological changes in the human lung as denoted by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) and biopsy techniques. My commitment is to patho-physiological correlations and clinical pharmacology in translational human research.

Other Expertise

. Development/standardisation of BAL, biopsy and induced sputum for assessing pathophysiological lung disease
. Pulmonary physiology/airway challenge techniques. The combination/understanding of human pathological and physiological measurements is key.
. Airway biopsy, BAL, and sputum techniques and in-vitro culture
. BAL solute analyses for cytokines, infection and markers of vascular permeability. Use of multiplex techniques in BAL samples
. Development of in-vivo radio-isotope studies in order to investigate vascular/lung permeability and BAL methodology
. Development of cytochemical staining methods for airway inflammatory cells, cytokines and structural components (airway remodelling)
. Coordinated studies of the biology of NO; integrating staining for NO synthases, assays for NO metabolites (eg Nitrite) and exhaled breath NO measurements
. Evaluation and use of techniques in flow cytometric analysis to determine macrophage and lymphocyte phenotypes. Flow based methods for the detection of intracellular cytokines
. Interactive image analysis for quantification of immunopathological indices in biopsies
. Quantification of cellular and structural changes in biopsies
. Use of databases to coordinate pathological, physiological and pharmacological end points

Current Work

Primary epithelial cell culture in lung transplant patients
Mechanistic studies on emrging therapies for chronic allograft rejection [PI, MRC project grant]
Role of Gastric aspiration in airway injury
Third strand collaborative research with industry using ex-vivo culture models

Research Roles

I am the Senior Scientist in programs investigating the pathophysiology of asthma and chronic lung allograft rejection.

This also involves
. Writing grants
. Responsible for laboratory expenditure
. Facilitating contact between University and Hospital based staff, dealing with a range of individuals from research assistants through to professors
. Involvement in published international collaborative guideline work e.g:
Ward C, Walters EH. Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL); Critical evaluation of techniques. 2000. In: Measurement of human airway inflammation. (Methods in molecular medicine series) Eds. D.F. Rogers, L.E Donnelly. Chapman and Hall. London.
. Preparation of protocols and ethical submissions
. Communication of research through national/international presentations and publications

Postgraduate Supervision

. Course on medical research to third year medical students  Supervisor for Masters (2) and PhD students (4) (Australia)
. Supervisor for PhD (2) MRes (2) MD (1) and Honours students (UK).

I currently co-supervise a Year 2 PhD Ali Aseeri (Jeff Pearson ICAMB)

Esteem Indicators

Academic activities

. Reviewer for Medical Research Council
. Reviewer for National Health and Medical Research Council Australia
. Reviewer for Action Research UK

. Reviewer for European Respiratory Journal
. Reviewer for Thorax
. Reviewer for American Thoracic Society Journals
. Reviewer for Respiratory Research (European 'open access)
. Reviewer for European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Selected speaking engagements
. Invited speaker: BAL task force meeting (satellite of the European Respiratory Society meeting) 1996
. Invited speaker: BAL task force meeting 1997
. Invited speaker: BAL task force meeting 1998
. Invited speaker: Australian Defense Services and Training Organisation: Response of the lung to injury 1999
. Invited speaker: Determinants and targets in progressive airways disease: Remodelling, fibrosis and angiogenesis Melbourne 2000
. Sentinel presentation Airway remodelling in asthma. British Thoracic Society. Dec 2000.
(Cited in Highlights of the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2000. L Hosking, D Thickett Thorax 2001;56:412–414 412).
. European Respiratory Society Airway epithelial workshop, Paris 2003, Invited participant.
. European Respiratory Society Airway smooth muscle pathogenesis workshop, Gothenburg 2004.
. Invited speaker European Respiratory Society Annual conference Glasgow 2004. Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome, new tools.
. Invited speaker Airway Diseases a shared approach to management York April 2005. Gastric aspiration in lung transplantation.
. Invited speaker, Swedish CF research group, Gothenburg 2005.
. Scientific session chair European Respiratory Society Munich 2006
. Invited speaker International conference on human Pepsin, Nottingham 2006. Gastric aspiration in lung transplantation.
. Invited speaker. Translational studies in airway remodelling. Menzies Institute, University of Tasmania, Feb 2007
. Scientific session chair European Respiratory Society Stockholm 2006
. Invited speaker International conference on Human Pepsin, University of Winscosin USA 2008. Gastric aspiration in lung transplantation.


European Respiratory Society Fellowship

MRC Project grant

MRC Clinical Fellowship (Main supervisor)

Industrial Relevance

Responsible scientist for collaborative research with Pharmaceutical industry, from protocol development, bench work through to manuscript.