Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences

Staff Profile

Dr Judith Hall

Senior Lecturer



BSc Biochemistry, University of Warwick
PhD University of Newcastle


Society for General Microbiology
Biochemical Society


Research Interests

Antimicrobial proteins and peptides

In response to infection, vertebrates display a variety of defence mechanisms to counter microbial attack. Innate immunity serves as the first line of defence and includes the synthesis of potent host effector molecules, collectively known as antimicrobial proteins/peptides (AMPs). My group is involved in identifying avian genes encoding AMPs involved in innate immunity, characterising the encoded peptides and investigating the mechanisms by which the encoded proteins/peptides function against human enteropathogens including Salmonella.

Recurrent acute tonsillitis (RAT) is a very common disorder in adults and children. The reasons why only selected individuals are susceptible to recurrent infection remain largely unknown. With collaborators Barry Hirst, Mike Kehoe (ICaMB) and Prof Janet Wilson (ENT Surgery) we are investigating the roles of AMPs in the pathogenesis of RAT.