Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2012

Could your business idea be worth a share of £44,000?

The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards, supported by Rise Up, are now open for entries and offer a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success of our student and graduate entrepreneurs. So if you have a business idea or a business in its early stages, these Awards could be for you...

Not only could the Awards potentially bring significant cash investment to aid your business idea, but the winners will also benefit from valuable advertising from taking part in these nationally recognised awards.

Who can apply?

The Awards are open to current undergraduate or postgraduate students at Newcastle University or Newcastle University alumni who graduated within the last five years.

The top entries from Newcastle University will be shortlisted to one Undergraduate and one Postgraduate Business Proposal to be entered into the national competition.


Undergraduate Award

1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize


Postgraduate Award

1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize



If you would like more information on how to apply for the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2012, please email by Friday 16th March.

Success story

Last year, Newcastle University student and graduate team of Roland Glancy and Simon Barker successfully achieved the top £20,000 prize at the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2011, which shows that it is possible to achieve the top prize! Roland and Simon founded Heatwave UK Ltd in July 2011 with support from Rise Up; their product The Radfan improves the efficiency of standard central heating by redirecting the flow of warm air out into the inhabited space of a room, potentially reducing heating bills:

published on: 1st March 2012