Accessibility statement

Students using the Careers Service: image by John Donoghue

The award-winning Careers Service is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities. We provide an accessible and inclusive service to our students and graduates.



  • An induction loop system is available in the reception area.
  • A portable induction loop system is also available at reception.
  • Coloured overlay transparency sheets are available for students with dyslexia.
  • Student PCs are equipped with large screen monitors.
  • Computer desks are at varied heights for easier accessibility.
  • Additional support, for example, longer 1-1 sessions for d/Deaf and disabled clients can be organised if requested.
  • Opportunities specifically for disabled students are advertised throughout the website.
  • Our diversity and equality page covers information about equal rights in the workplace.


The tick symbol

The tick symbol (✔) is used by the Careers Service to highlight information and/or events of particular relevance to d/Deaf or disabled students and graduates.


Access to resources

If you need hard copy materials in alternative formats or any other adjustments in order to access our resources, we will make every effort to accommodate you. Please contact us or visit the Careers Service and speak with our reception staff.



The Careers Service is committed to making our website accessible to all users. 


Ordered heading elements have been used to convey the structure of each web page.

For example:

H1 – Newcastle University
H2 – Careers Service
H3 – Page title (e.g. Finding work experience)

H4, H5 and H6 tags are used hierarchically for sub-headings.

  • A simple and consistent navigation menu has been implemented across the site.
  • Each web page includes access to the university site search facility, the site map and a homepage link.

All link text has been written in an informative and meaningful way, so as to make sense out of context. 

  • Content images include descriptive ALT and title attributes. 
  • Decorative images include null ALT attributes.
Cross-browser compatibility

Our site is designed for use with recent versions of all major browsers. If you experience any browser issues whilst viewing our site please contact us at

  • Layout and design of our site is supported by the use of cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Content remains accessible if style sheets are not supported or have been disabled.
  • All written content is in text format and may be altered in size either through browser functionality or additional specialist software, without loss of quality.


Our on campus events are held in accessible venues. If you have any questions or specific requirements please contact us or visit the Careers Service and speak with our reception staff.

For external events, enquiries relating to access provision and facilities should be directed to the host venue.

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