Connecting with employers

Newcastle University is consistently ranked in the top 20 universities targeted by key graduate employer recruitment programmes. Across the Service we have established strong connections with regional, national and international firms that employ our graduates. As a result we can provide:

We also maintain strong connections with regional employers, over 250 of which advertise in our North East Graduate Directory. We are proud that over 48% of our graduates stay on in the northeast making a valuable contribution to the region.

We not only connect with employers, through our support services for enterprise and entrepreneurship, we create them. In 2010-2011, our enterprise development unit supported the creation of 31 new business ventures through our Rise Up programme and the business development facilities offered in the Elevator.

In this section you will find more information about how we can help you connect with employers. If you have other questions about our work in this area, please contact Kathryn Pickup or Anna Rennison.