Working in Partnership

Employability is more than gaining a graduate level job, it is cultivating the skills and capacity to develop and achieve one’s potential over the course of a career. We encourage students to develop the ability to translate the knowledge, skills and experience gained through the whole of their time at university into opportunities to achieve their full potential through successful and satisfying careers.

We are committed to working closely with staff across the University to deliver opportunities for students to develop their skills and employability and to ensure that the work of the Careers Service is supportive of and integrated with academic provision. We offer a wide range of services and advice to help develop the employability offering of your courses.

We can:


We ask you to:

  • encourage students at all stages (but especially first and second year students) to reflect on their current level of skill development;
  • encourage students at all stages to plan to develop those skills by making active use of the resources available to them (e.g., personal development planning through e-Portfolio and the wide range of activities available under the ncl+ banner);
  • encourage students at all stages to explore the resources available on the Careers Service website and to come into the service for CV and application checking and advice in advance of starting a job search or applying for a job;
  • publicise careers events in your school or subject area and encourage students to attend and engage;
  • inform us of any other careers seminars, events and workshops you are organising;
  • tell us about any student employability ambassadors, advisers, or interns working in your subject area;
  • remind graduating students that they are eligible to access Careers Services for three years following graduation (plus business start-up support for life) and encourage them to register with Graduate Connections.