Graduate Destinations

Each year, every university in the UK contacts all UK and EU graduates to find out what they are doing on a specific date, approximately six months after graduation. This is the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.

The following analysis is based on the data supplied by 11 Chemical Engineering BEng Honours graduates from Newcastle University who responded to our survey.

2013 Newcastle University Chemical Engineering BEng Honours Graduates

HESA categories

64% went into work, study or a combination of both.

Of those in employment, 100% were in graduate-level jobs.

£26,667 was the average salary of all of the graduates who supplied us with salary details.

The 18% unemployed includes those with jobs arranged to start after the date of this survey. This percentage represents two graduates out of the 11 who supplied us with data. Students who leave their job search until the end of their course can find it takes over six months to find the right graduate job.

The classification 'other' can refer to a range of individual circumstances, for example, EU students who return to their country for national service.

Career Choices

Due to the specialised technical expertise gained at Newcastle University, most Chemical Engineering BEng Honours graduates go on to pursue careers in process and chemical engineering. After studying at BEng level, some choose to go straight into employment taking on engineering roles in oil and gas, nuclear and manufacturing. Others apply the transferable skills they gained while undertaking project work, such as problem solving, effective communication and team work, to begin careers in other fields, such as Army officer.

Some graduates are working on a self-employed or freelance basis, using the self-motivation and independent learning skills they acquired while studying. Newcastle graduates are supported in self-employment and business start-up by the Careers Service while studying and after graduation.

Below are recent examples of graduates' employment destinations. For data protection reasons, due to the small sample size, we are unable to provide detailed further study examples for this group of students.

Graduate Employment

Job TitleEmployer
Continuous Improvement EngineerThomas Swan and Co Ltd
Contractor Self Employed
Graduate Process EngineerNovelis UK Limited
Graduate TraineeSellafield Ltd
InternOMV Aktiengesellschaft
Officer CadetThe Army
Pipeline Integrity EngineerGE Oil & Gas
Testing EngineerMetaltech Services Limited
Trainee Internal Sales EngineerGuttridge Limited