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Rise Up Boot Camp

Rise Up Bootcamp

re:invent is an intensive weekend of idea generation, team working and business development taking place in summer 2017.

Want to shape the future, change the world, create impact?

Want to engage with some of the UK’s most influential agents of change and innovation?

re:invent brings together Newcastle University students and professionals from the private sector to generate the ideas, innovations and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

You don’t need an idea or a team to apply – you just need an interest in entrepreneurship!

In 72 hours you will develop an idea, pitch a concept and produce a prototype.

Rise Up will help you to form a team, test your ideas and pitch them to a panel of experts.

Our high profile partners will showcase emerging trends and help you transform the world of tomorrow.

Taking part in the bootcamp will allow you to practise techniques for creating and developing new ideas. It will also enable you to:

  • form a team and co-create intellectual property
  • assess the viability of new concepts
  • present new concepts and ventures to experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • showcase your ideas, talent and network with high profile businesses
  • network with other students, graduates and potential co-founders
  • become part of the Rise Up community

All teams and individuals will receive follow on support from Rise Up and access to our partners and contacts.

Winners will receive a prize package and follow on support from our professional partners.

re:invent … an idea, a product, a service … yourself and your world. 

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What students said about re:invent:

“I got so much from the bootcamp in terms of information and expertise. But it was also about meeting other students and professionals and connecting with people. It was where I met my business partner and where we started out on our entrepreneurial journey.”

Sarah Craggs, BA Hons Marketing and Management

“It’s a great experience where you can really immerse yourself in the process of starting up a business. Especially with such a high profile panel of experts and innovators!”

Kyan Kara-Shah, BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences

“As someone with no business background, for me to receive all of this information in 3 days was amazing. It’s a great experience for any student because it’s not just it’s not just about the theory - you actually implement it”

Constantinos Moyseos, Marine Technology and Marine Engineering


All current Newcastle University students and recent graduates (within the last 3 years) can attend the boot camp. 

Places are valued at £1,000 per person but are FREE for Newcastle University students and eligible graduates.


The bootcamp takes place over an action-packed weekend from 16 to 18 June 2017.


Northern Design Centre, Gateshead.

How to register

Applications are now open for this summer's bootcamp. To register, please complete our online registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Bowden, Rise Up Enterprise Adviser.