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Dr Brook Galna




I completed my B App Sci (Exercise Science & Exercise behaviour)  /  B Arts (Psychology & Philosophy) in 2004 from Deakin University (Australia) & University of Victoria (Canada), prior to spending a year as a post-graduate trainee at the Biomechanics department of the Australian Institute of Sport (Canberra, Australia).

After some travel supporting the Australian Women's Skeleton Team, I returned to Deakin University where I obtained a first class honours degree for my research on how humans minimise metabolic and attentional costs when learning a novel bimanual upper limb task.

I began my doctoral studies soon after and in 2010 I was awarded a PhD for my thesis titled: The biomechanics of obstacle crossing in people with Parkinson's disease from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia).

In late 2010, I moved half way across the world to work with the brilliant Brain and Movement Research Team at the Clinical Ageing Research Unit where I worked as a Research Associate managing the Human Movement Laboratory, participating in clinical biomechanics projects and continuing my own research into movement disorders in people with neuromuscular, orthopaedic and metabolic pathologies, as well as examining functional mobility in healthy older adults.

In 2015, I was awarded an exciting new lecturing position at Newcastle University where I will teach undergraduate students about the biomechanics of humans movement studying for the Exercise Biomedicine BSc Honours degree as well as the upcoming Sports and Exercise Science programme. My research continues to focus on understanding gait difficulties in older adults and people with neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson's disease. In 2016, I also obtained a post graduate certificate in statistics from the University of Sheffield and gained associate fellowship with the UK's Higher Education Academy.



B App Sci (Exercise Science & Exercise Behaviour) (1st class Hons) / B Arts (Psychology & Philosophy) - Deakin University(Australia)/Victoria University (Canada)

PG Cert Statistics - The University of Sheffield (UK)

Associate Teaching Fellow - Higher Education Academy (UK)

PhD (Biomechanics) - The University of Melbourne (Australia)


My research interests include examining the biomechanics of human movement, particularly:

  • Walking, obstacle crossing and turning in people with Parkinson's disease

  • Gait pathologies in people with other neurological, orthopaedic and metabolic disorders

  • Adaptive gait in healthy older adults

  • The role of cognition and vision in healthy and pathological gait

  • Developing valid and reliable methods to measure gait variability in healthy and pathological populations

Previous academic interests:

  • Biomechanical analysis of track and field sports, water polo, cricket and skeleton (winter sport).

  • Energetics of coordination in healthy adults



Funding, Awards and Prizes


International Brain Research Organization, Euro €1,100

Guarantors of Brain travel fund, GBP £800

Newcastle Medical school travel fund, GBP £200


Movement Disorders Young Researcher Travel Award, US $2,000

Institute for Ageing and Health Travel award, GBP £350

Guarantors of Brain travel fund, GBP £800

Newcastle Medical school travel fund, GBP £200



Parkinson’s UK Innovation Grant (CoInvestigator),GBP £30,000

UCB travel funding, GBP £300

Institute for Ageing and Health Travel award, GBP £200


SingHealth Foundation Grant, Eccentric exercise in Knee OA RCT (CoInvestigator), SNG $50,000



Best poster - Melbourne School of Health Sciences Graduate Research Colloquium, AUD $100



Australian Research Council, Longitudinal Research Course bursary, AUD $300

Movement Disorders Young Researcher Travel Award, AUS $1,000

Clinical Centre of Research Excellence in Gait Travel bursary, AUD $1,746

Glencross Memorial Young Scholar Award poster presentation, AUD $400

Emerging Researchers in Ageing Masterclass scholarship, AUD $650


NHMRC PhD Training Scholarship (over 2.5 years), AUD $54,665


University of Melbourne PhD Scholar Support (over 3 years), AUD $1,500

John Cockayne Foundation Memorial Research Fund, AUD $14,550

Clinical Centre of Research Excellence in Gait stipend, AUD $20,000


Best oral presentation at Deakin University Honours Seminar

Professional Positions and Membership

  • Editorial board / Reviewer for the international journal of Gait and Posture

  • International Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Physiotherapy

  • Reviewer for Human Movement Science

  • Reviewer for Movement Disorders

  • Reviewer for  Motor Control

  • Reviewer for Parkinsonism and Related Disorders

  • Reviewer for NeuroRehabiliation and Neural Repair

  • Reviewer for Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation

  • Reviewer for the Journal of Parkinson's disease

  • Reviewer for Physiological Measurement

  • Member of the Movement Disorders Society (2009)

  • Member of the International Society of Posture and Gait Research

  • Member of the Emerging Researchers in Ageing, Australia

  • Clinical Centre for Research Excellence in Gait (2006-2009)



Newcastle University

  • Supervision of Masters and PhD students.
  • Module leader for Biomechanics of Humans Movement studying for the Exercise Biomedicine BSc Honours degree 
  • Module leader for multiple modules on the upcoming Sports and Exercise Science programme

The University of Melbourne

  • Lectured undergraduate physiotherapy students on the biomechanics of gait

  • Teaching Assistant for a postgraduate course in research and systematic review methodology to post graduate students

  • Chaired and presented a course on creating and presenting scientific posters for masters and doctoral students

Deakin University

  • Taught laboratory and tutorial classes on the theory and application of human movement biomechanics.