Jane Newman

Jane Newman Jane Newman

Project titles: 1) Exercise training in patients with mitochondrial disease: Assessing the benefits.

2) Cardiac adaptations to aerobic exercise in mitochondrial disease.

Supervisor: Doug Turnbull, Michael Trenell

Clinical Lead: Grainne Gorman

What is the focus of your research?
The effect of exercise in mitochondrial disease.

Describe your background and any milestones in your research to date
I was previously a physiotherapist working clinically in Neurology. I am currently in the 2nd year of my MPhil and hope to finish recruiting to my current trial summer 2012.

Where do you think your area of research will be 10 years from now?
Hopefully exercise will become part of the management of mitochondrial disease. Its safety and efficacy will be proven and the provision of individual exercise programmes will be routine.

What is the potential impact of your research and what does your work mean to the public?
Currently few treatments are available for patients for with Mitochondrial disease, exercise may become a potential treatment for this patient group

What techniques does your work involve?
Measuring exercise and functional capacity of using various exercise tests and functional outcome measures