The effect of genome-wide association scan quality control on imputation outcome for common variants (2011)

Author(s): Southam L, Panoutsopoulou K, Rayner NW, Chapman K, Durrant C, Ferreira T, Arden N, Carr A, Deloukas P, Doherty M, Loughlin J, McCaskie A, Ollier WE, Ralston S, Spector TD, Valdes AM, Wallis GA, Wilkinson JM, the arcOGEN consortium, Marchini J, Zeggini E

    • Type of Article: Short report
    • Date: 26-01-2011
    • Journal: European Journal of Human Genetics
    • Volume: 19
    • Issue: 5
    • Pages: 610–614
    • Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    • Publication type: Article
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Professor John Loughlin
    Prof of Musculoskeletal Research