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Public engagement award in psychology

Dr John Lazarus has been awarded a Public engagement award from the North East branch of the British Psychological society

The Centre for Behaviour & Evolution's Dr John Lazarus has recently won a Public Engagement Award from the North East of England Branch of the British Psychological Society. The award recognises an outstanding contribution to the promotion of psychology to the general public in the North East, the awarding committee being impressed with the breadth, scope and creativity demonstrated in John’s work over a prolonged period.

John is Public Engagement Officer for the CBE, has taught on the Psychology degree programme for many years, researches in the area of social evolution and brings his expertise in these areas to his public engagement work, some with Newcastle-based group ‘Fulcrum Arts and Research’.

He has acted as consultant and contributor on projects for the printed media, education, radio, theatre, film, fine art, political science and The Poetry Society. Last year, for example, he was a consultant on the Improbable theatre company’s show about 20th century psychology, ‘Opening Skinner’s Box’, that premiered at Northern Stage and will appear at The Lincoln Center in New York this summer.

Focussing on his own research interest he has presented a number of public events in which, by playing social dilemma games, participants learn about the psychological study of cooperation, and reflect on the factors that encourage and constrain a concern for others. 

Congratulations John!

published on: 15 May 2017