CBE Staff


A To Z

Dr Clare Andrews
Research Associate

Dr Lucy Asher
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Professor Melissa Bateson
Professor of Ethology

Dr Richard Bevan

Dr Timothy Boswell

Dr Barry Brogan

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 5401

Dr Emma Creighton
Programme Director for MSc Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare

Dr Pierpaolo Di Giminiani
Research Associate

Professor Sandra Edwards
Professor of Agriculture

Professor Paul Flecknell

Dr Fabio Gualtieri
Research Associate

Dr Jonathan Guy
Senior Lecturer

Dr Christina Halpin
Faculty Research Fellow

Dr Domhnall Jennings

Sebastien Kessler
Research Associate

Dr Yuki Kikuchi
Research Associate

Dr John Lazarus
Associate Researcher

Dr Matthew Leach

Dr Gema Martin-Ordas
Faculty Fellow

Dr Stephanie Matheson
Research Associate

Dr Ailsa McKenzie
Research Associate

Dr Amy Miller
Research Associate

Alice Milne
PGD 201415

Professor Daniel Nettle
Professor of Behavioural Science

Dr Vivek Nityananda
Research Associate

Professor Christopher Petkov
Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology

Dr Eileen Power
Research Associate

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 4811

Dr Bess Price

Professor Jenny Read
Professor of Vision Science

Dr Claire Richardson
NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow

Dr Claire Rind
Reader in Invertebrate Neurobiology

Dr Gilbert Roberts
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ronny Rosner
Research Associate

Dr Johnny Roughan
Staff Scientist

Professor Candy Rowe
Prof of Animal Behaviour & Cognition

Kerry Simcock

Dr Peter Simmons
Reader in Neurobiology & Behaviour

Dr John Skelhorn
Lecturer in Animal Cognition

Dr Tom Smulders
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ghaith Tarawneh
Research Associate

Dr Colin Tosh
NERC Fellow

Dr Martin Tovee
Reader in Visual Cognition

Dr Joel Wallenberg
Lecturer in Language Change (Linguistics and Eng Lang)

Professor Mark Whittingham
Professor of Applied Ecology (MCIEEM)

Professor Geraldine Wright
Professor of Insect Neuroethology