School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials



Our Facilities

The School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials has a wide range of attractive facilities.

The School occupies five floors in Merz Court, including a student common room and a separate student study space.

We also have:

There are also a number of rooms in our School which students can use for study purposes, discussion groups, or project meetings.

We have a purpose-built facility, the ExxonMobil Design Suite, where our students are able to work on and present their design projects.

We also have a number of overhead computer screen projection facilities for use in rooms other than the main lecture theatres.


Our laboratories are used for teaching and research. They're well equipped and spacious, with a team of dedicated and excellent technical staff.

Our technicians look after the laboratories and are very experienced in the fabrication and construction of lab and pilot scale equipment. Their skills are used extensively to support both undergraduate and postgraduate laboratory requirements.

Recently, we invested £500,000 in the refurbishment of the Millennium Laboratory which is dedicated to undergraduate teaching. The Millennium Lab is equipped with:

  • modern bench-top experimental equipment
  • an interactive video teaching system with projection facilities
  • a number of high specification fume cupboards for handling volatile chemicals

We also have a pilot plant laboratory recently upgraded with larger scale process equipment, which are used in undergraduate Stage 2 and 3 practical classes.

We have invested £150,000 in developing rigs that facilitate teaching and research into process control and automation techniques. These rigs are equipped with industrial standard instrumentation and are all linked to a modern distributed control system.

Final year undergraduate students on the MEng programme have access to our research laboratory facilities. Here they can undertake a project as part of the ongoing research activities in the School.

Bioprocessing laboratory

A Bioprocessing laboratory (BioLab) has recently opened in the School. The lab was jointly funded by Newcastle University and One NorthEast and is managed through the Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre (BBTC).

The BioLab is used by students and industry for teaching, training and research into bioprocessing. The facilities provide access to a range of small scale unit operations and implements the latest equipment and instrumentation used in bioprocessing systems.

Measurement and analysis are foundation capabilities that Bioprocess improvements are built on. An industry grade SCADA system provides the information backbone to the BioLab. This system allows information from bioprocess unit operations to be combined with advanced process measurement and compared against process representations in real time using state of the art data analysis techniques. This innovative infrastructure allows end product quality to be linked to real time process variability.

Our collaborative projects make direct use of results from the BioLab and production scale operations. The BBTC provides the infrastructure to analyse the data arising using state of the art statistical software tools.

Many projects in the BioLab are industrial collaborations with bioprocess companies and equipment vendors. The BioLab is set up to exploit the latest measurement technology, partnering with instrumentation providers allowing a rich source of bioprocess data to be acquired from a range of processing steps resulting in greater insight into end to end process behaviour.

Computing Facilities

Our students have access to a wide range of computing facilities both within the School (offering specialist software) and across campus via cluster facilities.

All systems are connected to a campus wide network, and a secure wireless service is available.

The School has invested heavily to provide and maintain a dedicated computing hardware base of over 50 networked PCs to support student studies and research. These are arranged in two high-speed clusters plus the ExxonMobil Design Suite. All PCs are connected to fast laser printers and accommodated in spacious rooms. Our IT service is managed by full time staff.

Specialist software is available for:

  • drawing
  • flowsheeting
  • solving mathematical problems
  • dynamic process simulation

We provide a wide range of software packages for producing documents and graphics for laboratory and project reports.