Process Modelling & Optimisation

Within the Process Modelling & Optimisation research group, the goal is to attain better insight into process behaviour to achieve improved process and product design and operational performance. The complexity of the challenge arises from the presence of physiochemical interactions, multiple unit operations and multi-scale effects. Underpinning the activities of the group is the need for improved process and product characterization through the development and application of process analytical techniques, hybrid statistical and empirical modeling and high throughput technologies for chemical synthesis.

Stage 1


Professor Elaine Martin - Process Analytical Technologies, Statistical and Empirical Process Data Modelling, Process Performance Monitoring

Dr Jarka Glassey - Bioprocess optimisation, Process modelling, Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)

Dr Chris O’Malley - Bioprocess Development and Optimisiation, Clustering/Classification, Process Data Modelling, Data Analysis

Professor Gary Montague - Process measurement, Data interpretation, Modelling, Control and optimisation

Dr Mark Willis -Evolutionary algorithms, Process identification and control, Automated determination of Chemical Reaction Networks

Professor Allen Wright - Electrochemical Engineering, Intensified Reactive Distillation, Process Modeling, Process Development

Dr Jie Zhang - Iterative learning control of batch processes, Modelling and control of industrial processes, Modelling and monitoring of industrial processes, Computational intelligence.

Achievements since 2008

  • IChemE Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering award, 2012
  • IChemE Chemical Engineering Project of the Year Award, 2012
  • Engineering Doctoral (EngD) Centre in Biopharmaceutical Process Development – £6.2M
  • Awarded over £6M in EPSRC, TSB, EU grants and industrial sponsorship
  • Graduated 27 PhD Completions since 2008
  • Published over 60 refereed journal papers (over 80% are co-authored within the group)
  • Martin awarded OBE for Services to Science and was made a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Visiting scientists and research fellows from


Bioprocessing Laboratory – Process Analytical Equipment; ABB X-PAT Software for on-line real time monitoring and control; Standard bioprocessing equipment to enable bioprocess development and optimisation, from inoculation through bioreaction to product separation with equipment such as fully instrumented bioreactors and AKTA available.