Dr Daniel Frankel
Senior Lecturer


My research focuses on the interface between cells and their extracellular environment. In particular the interfaces are:

  1. The virus - cell membrane interface.
  2. Interface of living systems with machines.
  3. The extracellular matrix-cell interface and it's role in disease.
  4. The bacterial cell membrane and its role in antibiotic resistance.
I also have more than a passing interest in the origins of life on Earth.

My publications/citations information can be found at: 

Google Scholar Profile for Dr Daniel Frankel


BEng (First Class) Queen Mary, University of London  [Subject - Bioengineering]

PhD University of St-Andrews, Scotland [ Thesis topic - crystal templated assembly of nucleic acid bases,related to origins of life on Earth]

Previous Positions

Postdoc Weizmann Institute

Postdoc University of Cambridge

Postdoc Sandia National Labs, USA


British Biophysical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Institute of Physics

Informal Interests

Electronics - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics

Science Fiction


Research Interests 

Soft matter physics

Polymer physics

Protein mechanics

Cell membrane structure and function

Viral infection

Origins of Life

Postgraduate Supervision


PhD Student - Hani Salam

PhD Student - Bilal Mushafar

PhD Student - Peter Cassidy


PhD Student - Natalie Adams

PhD Student - Orr Yarkoni

PhD Student - Darman Nordin

MPhil  Student - Ana Penaherrera 

Postdoc - Lynn Donlon 


EPSRC/NSF Grant - "Cyberplasm" £301,000

EPSRC Grant "Surface Nanostructures For The Study of Biomolecular Recognition,Chirality And Crystal Growth" Principal Investigator, value £298,000


Undergraduate Teaching


Thermodynamics Stage 1

Thermodynamics stage 2

Design Project

Research Project


Fluid Mechanics Stage 1

Crystallization Stage 3

Biomaterials Stage 3/4