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Dr Daniel Frankel

Senior Lecturer



The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the "glue" that holds cells together allowing them to form tissue. Abnormalities in the ECM can be indicative of disease, for example cancer. Biofilms composed of bacteria are held together by the ECM with its very presence being a factor in antimicrobial resistance. In my group we are interested in applying engineering and physics principles to understand the ECM and its role in disease. In particular we are studying

  • Targeting the ECM to treat cancer
  • Elucidating the role of the ECM in cancer cell invasion and metastasis
  • Understanding the role of matrix components in chemotherapy resistance
  • Determining the physics of biofilm formation 
  • Developing methods to destroy biofilms

My publications/citations information can be found at: 

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BEng (First Class) Queen Mary, University of London  [Subject - Bioengineering]

PhD University of St-Andrews, Scotland 

Previous Positions

Postdoc University of Cambridge

Postdoc Sandia National Labs, USA


British Biophysical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Institute of Physics

Informal Interests

Electronics - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics

Science Fiction



Research Interests 

Understanding and targeting the extracellular matrix in

1) Cancer

2) Biofilms

3) Disease in general



EPSRC/NSF Grant - "Cyberplasm" £301,000

EPSRC Grant "Surface Nanostructures For The Study of Biomolecular Recognition,Chirality And Crystal Growth" Principal Investigator, value £298,000


Undergraduate Teaching


Thermodynamics Stage 1

Thermodynamics stage 2

Design Project

Research Project


Fluid Mechanics Stage 1

Crystallization Stage 3

Biomaterials Stage 3/4