Dr Jonathan Lee


B.Eng. (Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering
Ph.D. Chemical and Process Engineering
Certificate in Teaching and Learning

Previous Positions

1995 - 1997 Lectuer, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bradford. Teaching Fluid Mechanics and conducting resaerch on solvent extraction in rotating equipment and electrically assisted coalescence in waer in crude oil dispersions.

1993 - 1995 Research Associate, Process intensification Group, University of Newcastle. Working on Solvent Extraction in Rotating Packed Bed Contactors.


Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers



Research Interests

Process Intensification

Biofuel and chemical production from algae

Algae harvesting

Research themes:

Products and Processes

Other Expertise

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Algae Harvesting

Current Work

Rotating packed beds for carbon  capture from

Hydrodynamics of co current and counter current mulit phase flows in rotating systems

Harvesting of marine micro algae using a foam column

Catalytic pyrolysis of micro algae.

Catalytic cracking of vegetable oil.

Future Research



Esteem Indicators

Invited Presentations to the Netherlands Process Intensification Network
Reviewer for Chemical Engineering Science.
Reviewer for Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

Consultant to Titanium Resources Group on biofuels projects around their Rutile extraction site in Sierra Leone.

Industrial Relevance


Specialist Expertise
Solvent extraction, in particular rotating liquid-liquid contactors for the extraction of product from fermentation broths. We have a rotating solvent extraction unit that can be used for small scale trials.
Fluid flow/ multiphase flow:Expert in the use of FLUENT software to simulate complex fluid flow problems, in particular solid particle+gas flows.
Biofuels: Biodiesel and the use of algae to provide oil for conversion into biodiesel.


I teach thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and process design. I believe that group design projects play a vital role in linking student knowledge from single subjects to give an overview of what professional chemical engineers do,  the problems they have to solve and teh issues they have to consider. For this reason I supervise design based case studies and projects in Stages 1, 2 and 3.

 Currently I teach on the following modules

CME1025 – Chemical Engineering Principles, Module Leader
CME2020 – Separation Processes 1 – Module Leader
CME2023 – Transfer Processes 2
CME3028 – Industrial Design Project – Module Leader
CME3032 – Process Business Operations
CME3033 – Separation Processes 2 – Module Leader
CME3037 – Separation Processes 2(Industry) – Module Leader
CME3039 – Design Project – Module Leader
CME8018 – Air Pollution
CME8022 – Hydrocarbon Production and Process Engineering – Module Leader
CME8055 – Energy Sources and Storage
CME8107 – Process Intensification
CME8115 – Enhanced Process Design
CME8117 – M.Eng. Research Project
CME8119 – Advanced Transport Processes – Module Leader
SPG8007 – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology