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Bi-axial testing rig  - an in house custom built rig specifically designed for the testing of composite materialsThe School has an exceptional range of laboratories equipped with a wide range of analytical instrumentation supporting our research, teaching and contract research projects. You can find out more about our Chemical and Biological Research Laboratories and Geotechnics and Structures Research Laboratories. A virtual tour of some of these is available.

National Mine Site Research Facility

The National Mine Site Research Facility was established by Newcastle University, the Coal Authority and Durham and Northumberland County Councils. The facility includes six former coal mining sites - all with different ground and drainage conditions, remediated using several different techniques, together representing examples of every type of passive technology currently in use.

The experimental facilities have received funding from the EU Access to Research Infrastructure scheme, which allows overseas researchers to visit, and work, at the sites. HEFCE SRIF funds are enabling the older sites to be renovated, and continuous hydrology and hydrochemistry monitoring equipment is being installed at the sites.

The Transport Operations Research Group (TORG)

TORG prides itself on an integrated approach, researching the science as well as the behavioural aspects to better inform transport management decisions and influence sustainable policies that will make a real difference to the community. Facililties include:

  • Behavioural research:
    • a Virtual Reality cave for which TORG developed a rapid prototyping facility to test ICT systems and services using immersive video mode
    • access to travel behaviour, traffic and environmental modelling software programs to investigate management strategies on mobility patterns
  • Instrumented vehicles and test facilities
  • Instrumented corridors - TORG has access to an experimental in-door wireless network.