photograph CeG research highlighted in a swiss TV documentary

Dr David Graham and Dr Beate Christgen (CeG Environmental Engineering) were interviewed and highlighted on 36.9°, the Swiss TV equivalent to BBC Horizon or Panorama, on work related to increasing antibiotic resistance (AR) around the world.

The show highlighted awarded winning work that showed background levels of intrinsic AR have increased in agricultural soils since the 1940s post industrialization of antibiotic manufacture. The show is in French and can be watched at

This international TV interest arose from the work of Graham and others (Charles Knapp at Strathclyde University, Jan Dolfing in CeG, and Phillip Ehlert at Wageningen University) on the relative contributions of medical, agricultural and pollution-related AR to the development of natural “superbugs”, work which now is being extended to India with colleagues at the Freeman Hospital.

Dr Beate Christgen
Researcher in Environmental Engineering

Professor David Graham
Professor of Ecosystems Engineering

published on: 28th November 2011