photograph Romain Guilbaud Honoured by the Geological Society of London

It has just been announced that Romain Guilbaud has been honoured by the Geological Society of London. He will receive one of the Society's two President's Awards at a ceremony in Burlington House on 13 June 2012.  The award is a personal 'gift' from the President, Bryan Lovell, and is made to scientists younger than 30.  

Romain’s research in the School’s Geosciences Group focuses on the co-evolution of life and the planet in its early history just before hard-bodied creatures evolved (the Neoproterozoic – 1000-540 million years ago). He works on the evolving redox state of the ocean, including links to nutrient availability and oxygen production, on which life as we know it depends.

published on: 5th April 2012