photograph Two researchers join TORG to expand the expertise in transport and sustainability

In February two researchers, Dr Patrizia Franco and Divya Namdeo, joined the Transport Operations Research Group (TORG), to expand the expertise in Transport and Sustainability.

Patrizia joined us from the University of Palermo, where she was awarded a PhD degree and as Dr Europaeus, a common "European doctorate" drawn up by the European University Association (EUA). Patrizia will work on EPSRC Measurement, Modelling, Mapping and Management (4M) and SECURE projects.

Her main interests are focused on sustainable transport planning and policies, transport modelling, and public transport management and reliability.

Divya has an MSc in informatics and has worked for Primary Care Trust in Leeds for seven and a half years.  Her main interests are focused on Relational Databases, Information and Knowledge Management, travel surveys and public engagement activities. Divya will take a pivotal role developing the relational database within the TORG to support the analysis of data from pervasive sensors and traffic and environment legacy systems.

Divya will work within the 4M and SECURE projects supporting the integration of transport related environmental issues whilst Patrizia will make a significant contribution in the Secure team delivering the urbanisation model.

published on: 5th April 2012