photograph Urban Carbon Capture (UCC) seminar

London - 1 March 2012 • Newcastle - 16 March 2012

At Newcastle University we have a special interest in carbon capture and storage in soils. Urban soils can capture very large amounts (up to 300 T C/ha) of atmospheric CO2 and store this in stable mineral forms.

This occurs as a consequence of plant growth in soils that contain artificial materials such as concrete or slag from metal production. Our approach provides an opportunity for tangible carbon capture in urban environments.

As well as investigating existing sites, the University have created Newcastle Science City Central’s Carbon Capture Gardens, to demonstrate how effective this carbon capture process is, from the perspective of a range of ecosystem services. The Gardens are located at the former Scottish and Newcastle Brewery site. It has been shown that carbon accumulation can be designed into a landscaping project, and for little extra cost a carbon capture function can be included.

There is now the opportunity to extend the work, bringing it to the attention of a wider audience. Between now and July 2012, there will a number of events and consultations, to make sure that the work is well informed by the opinion of practitioners.

This seminar is on such event and will aim to address the following questions:

  • Technical aspects of the process: speed, capacity, carbon storage time, safety?
  • What are the ecosystem service benefits: biodiversity, green infrastructure?
  • What are the potential economic and social benefits?
  • How can you build a ‘Carbon Capture Garden’?

Professor David Manning
Professor of Soil Science

published on: 6th January 2012