Centrifuge testing of liquefaction remediation methods for existing buildings

Speaker: Dr Helen Mitrani, ARUP & Newcastle University

Location: Drummond 1.11
Time/Date: 30th April 2012, 13:00 - 14:00

This talk will describe a series of dynamic centrifuge tests carried out as part of an EU project to investigate liquefaction remediation methods suitable for application to existing buildings. The centrifuge testing facilities at Cambridge and the methodology of dynamic centrifuge testing will be described. Results from centrifuge tests on three remediation methods will be presented: containment walls around the building foundations, inclined micro-piles and cementation of the foundation zone. Of these, containment walls and soil cementation are found to be the most successful in terms of reducing settlements and accelerations of a single-degree-of-freedom structure.

Published: 30th April 2012