Quantification of point and diffuse sources of metals pollution in river catchments

Project Leader: Dr Adam Jarvis
Sponsors: Coal Authority, Defra, Environment Agency
Start/end dates:
2004 - present
Contact: adam.jarvis@newcastle.ac.uk

Project Details

sources of metal pollutionSince 2004 the Newcastle team has been involved in research to improve understanding of the dynamic importance of sources of metals pollution in river catchments, with the ultimate aim of identifying appropriate remediation measures.

A key to the research is a clear understanding of the possible sources of pollution, careful location of monitoring stations and synchronous flow and water quality measurements. The results of the work have repeatedly illustrated that diffuse sources of pollution (such as runoff from mine waste piles) can be a very important source of pollution, with implications for where to target treatment initiatives.


Gozzard et al. (2011) Environmental Pollution, 159, 3113-3122.
Mayes et al. (2008) Environmental Pollution, 151, 165-175.

Academic Staff


  • Dr Catherine Gandy
  • Dr Emma Gozzard (now Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)
  • Dr Will Mayes (now Hull University)