School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences



The most exciting current developments in Geosciences are driven by links between traditional Earth Science disciplines and novel developments in, and interactions between, the biological, chemical and physical sciences.

Our research is poised at these critical boundaries with significant research strengths in Biogeochemistry and Geoenergy.

We also provide a wide range of consultancy and commercial services.

The geosciences group has a blog run by the PhD students that will keep you up to date with what is happening in the group and highlight the experience of some of our past and present students.

Research themes

Our research team

Academic staff

  • Dr Geoff Abbott
  • Dr Martin Cooke
  • Dr Neil Gray
  • Professor Ian Head
  • Dr Casey Hubert
  • Dr Bryn Jones
  • Dr Martin Jones
  • Professor Steve Larter FRS
  • Professor David Manning
  • Dr Christian März
  • Dr Helen Talbot
  • Dr Cees Van der Land
  • Professor Tom Wagner


  • Dr Carolyn Aitken
  • Mr Berni Bowler
  • Dr Beate Christgen
  • Dr Mark Goddard
  • Dr Ehsan Jorat
  • Dr Ben Kolosz
  • Dr Sven Lahme
  • Dr Clare McCann
  • Dr Ed Milner
  • Dr Julia Rosa de Rezende
  • Dr Darci Rush
  • Dr Angela Sherry
  • Dr Ana Suarez-Suarez

Professional support

  • Mr Paul Donohoe
  • Mr Philip Green
  • Mrs Yvonne Hall