Newcastle has a long and impressive track record in geoenergy research, with a history spanning coal and petroleum through to unconventional geoenergy and carbon storage. We are now a multidisciplinary group comprising geoscientists, geochemists, microbial ecologists and geomechanical modellers.

Our research reflects a balance between fossil fuels as a critical energy resource and the move towards a lower carbon global economy. We integrate geological, geophysical, geochemical and microbiological studies on both conventional and unconventional petroleum systems, including work on shale gas and oil, pore pressure, petroleum microbiology and the biological upgrading of heavy oil to gas.

We also focus on the retention of CO2 in both soils and geological repositories and are closely involved with the search for geothermal energy. The research is underpinned by excellent technical staff, laboratory and computer-based research facilities, including the new Wolfson Northern Carbon Reduction Laboratory.

Current Projects

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