The use of sustainable materials in soil stabilisation

Project Leader: Paul Sargent
Sponsors: St James's Investments, Bond Street, London
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Project Details

soil stabilisationThis research focuses on investigating the material behaviour of stabilised soft alluvial soils to improve poor ground conditions regarding civil engineering. Sustainability is highly important in most industrial practices. Hence, numerous industrial by-products (IBP's) including fly ash and blast furnace slag will be assessed in terms of their applicability as soil binders; rather than the conventionally used CEM-I. Alternative alkalis such as steel slag, sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate will be combined with IBP binders, to assess their ability to activate pozzolanic (strength-gaining) reactions with the soil. State-of-the-art laboratory techniques including static/dynamic triaxial, compressive strength and compressibility testing will be conducted to accurately characterise stabilised soil mixtures. The data obtained from testing will be utilised to numerically model the stress path behaviour and overall engineering performance of stabilised alluvial soil columns; particularly when incorporated within embankments that experience cyclic loading exhibited by road or rail traffic.

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