Numerical Simulation

The GEST Group has considerable expertise in computational mechanics across a wide range of topics, in both application and analysis of problems and in the development of numerical methods and constitutive models.

In the field of plate, shell and membrane structures, our work involves analysis and optimisation, with special emphasis on high levels of material and geometrically non-linearity and the development of stochastic frameworks. This work also has strong links to the development of testing technologies and the numerical modelling of structural textiles and polymeric composites.

Our research on earthquake engineering takes the form of seismic structural analysis, based on fundamental reassessments of current practice and structural performance design qualification, from field observations of extreme events.

Under the theme of multi-phase flow and coupled multi-field analysis we have expertise in modelling problems concerned with partially saturated soils, for example studying the effects of climate change on slope stability and in coupled hygro-thermal-mechanical modelling of concrete exposed to elevated temperatures, looking at nuclear applications and the effects of fire. Directly allied with this is our work on constitutive model development.

Summary of research topics:

  • Multi-Phase Flow and Coupled Multi-Field Analysis
  • Slope Stability
  • Structural Textiles and Polymeric Composites
  • Structural Optimisation and Reliability
  • Seismic Engineering and Extreme Loadings
  • Network Vulnerability & Lifelines

Current Projects

Academic Staff