Characterising pipeline earthworks associated vegetation stress with field spectroscopy (2007)

Author(s): White DC, Williams M, Barr SL

    Abstract: Field spectroradiometry of spring and winter barley were acquired for two field campaigns in 2005 and 2006 at selected transects perpendicular to a stretch of buried gas pipeline in Aberdeenshire, UK. A spatially intensive field spectroscopy experimental design for acquiring spectra under chal-lenging heterogeneous field conditions is developed and implemented. The ability of the experi-mental design to detect above pipeline vegetation stress associated with pipeline soil disturbance is determined by first derivative analysis to inform waveband selection for vegetation stress ratios. Two ratios were employed, the 725:702 nm (Smith et al., 2004) ratio and a modified version of this ratio (723:700 nm). Results suggest that the experimental design successfully encapsulates the full spatial extent and spectral characteristics of pipeline soil disturbance associated with vegetation stress. Evidence for this assertion is shown by the ability of the 723:700 and 725:702 nm ratios to detect stress above the 20” NGL pipeline, ratio values were found to be of the same order of magnitude as the 2005 data and similar to those conducted under controlled conditions by (Smith et al., 2004), with differ-ences of up to 56 % for spring barley. The 723:700 and 725:702 nm ratios provided consistent results between different test sites, crop rotations and field seasons intimating their transferability to heterogeneous field conditions. Regression analysis broadly explains the association between organic carbon and the 723:700 and 725:702 nm ratios with R2 values of 0.59 and 0.61. T-tests were statistically significant at the 0.10 confidence level for ratio values between stress and control transects for disturbed soil.

      • Date: 11-14 September 2007
      • Conference Name: RSPSoc Annual Conference: Challenges for Earth Observation: Scientific, Technical and Commercial
      • Pages: CD-ROM
      • Publisher: RSPSoc
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Keywords: remote sensing field spectroscopy, spectroradiometry, pipeline, earthworks


        Dr Stuart Barr
        Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science