Kinetics of the aromatisation of rearranged ring-C monoaromatic steroid hydrocarbons (1988)

Author(s): Abbott GD, Maxwell JR

    Abstract: The kinetics of the aromatisation of both rearranged and non-rearranged monoaromatics have been investigated in the laboratory under free radical conditions. These studies have indicated that the aromatisation rate constant for the non-rearranged is greater than that for the rearranged isomers at any one particular temperature. Since the members of the rearranged series coelute with their non-rearranged counterparts when both series are present in geological extracts, these results suggest that care needs to be exercised when assessing extents of maturation using monoaromatic and triaromatic steroid hydrocarbons.

    Notes: Proceedings of the 13th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry

      • Date: 21-08-2003
      • Journal: Organic Geochemistry
      • Volume: 13
      • Issue: 4-6
      • Pages: 881-885
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: kinetics steroid aromatisation triaromatic steroids monoaromatic steroids


      Dr Geoffrey Abbott
      Senior Lecturer in Organic Geochemistry