As one of the leading centres of transport technology in Europe, the Transport Operations Research Group (TORG) have been central to key research in areas such as road user charging and smartcards developing both the policy ideas and the underlying technologies. Currently they are running a world leading trial in electric vehicles and public charging infrastructure in the North East of England that is informing both on policy, international standards development and its impact on energy demand and environmental emissions. Recently TORG have also developed a low-cost wireless sensing technology (called Motes) which is being deployed commercially by several local authorities to pervasively monitor traffic pollution and help develop strategies to manage the traffic demand and reduce emissions - this world leading technology is being assessed for deployment in a number of high profile international cities.

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TORG Research Facilities

  • Driving simulator with eye-tracking system and bio-harness to measure drivers physical responses and stress
  • Electric vehicle driving lab equipped to correlate advanced technical performance data with driver behaviour and recording of road conditions
  • Data loggers for measuring vehicle performance
  • Driving performance/monitoring analysis suite
  • Fleet of electric vehicles to collect and analyse technical and behavioural factors.
  • Electric vehicles charging posts and ITS infrastructure
  • Smartcard development platform
  • Behavioural research facilities including the Virtual Reality suite and Immersive Video platform
  • Wireless pervasive and environmental sensors (MOTES)
  • Newcastle University integrated database and assessment platform
  • Platform for integrated traffic health and emissions modelling
  • Backpack exposure monitoring system
  • Instrumented corridors (Pollution and traffic systems monitoring)
  • Meteorological conditions monitoring
  • Portable monitoring equipment (GPS, speed, air pollution, noise)
  • TORG is also a Partner of Zero Carbon Futures with access to their vehicle test track located at the Sunderland Nissan plant
  • TORG is also host to the Tyne and Wear Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) Centre.

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