AALIANCE: European Ambient Assisted Living Innovation Alliance

Project Leader: Dr Simon Edwards
Sponsors: EC 7FP
VDI/VDE, Scuola Superiore Sant Anna, Fraunhofer, Sorin, Philips, Vodafone, Lulea University, Deutsche Telekom, Vermon, Bosch, AGE, VTI
Start/end dates: 2008-2010
Contact: simon.edwards@ncl.ac.uk

Project Details

aalianceAALIANCE focused on the ageing society, providing a framework for stakeholders, led by industry, to define research and development priorities, timeframes, and action plans. These related to strategically important issues in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) at home, at work, and in wider society. It also played a key role in developing a Europe-wide research policy, focusing on FP7 and on current activities launched by EU member states.

The main outputs of the project were: a sustainable network of 14 partners expanded to over 40 associates including technology providers and systems integrators, service providers, research organisations and end user associations; coordination of various activities of the European industry and research institutions in AAL; a R&D roadmap and strategic research agenda for AAL; standardisation requirements; recommendations for European RTD policy in AAL; supporting European and national entities in increasing political awareness for enhancement of new AAL technologies.