Technologies for Transport Monitoring and Systems Management

The Transport group is at the forefront of development of new technologies to help deliver and indeed transform transport policy, primarily through road-user charging, smart cards and pervasive sensors. The group developed the technical options for the extension of the London Congestion Charging system, assessed the charging technology in the DIRECTS (DfT) National Pilot, developed new approaches to HGV charging and presented Government with options for future National Road User Charging.

A series of projects has taken the use of pervasive sensors from proof-of-concept trials to automotive, road-to-vehicle and environmental sensing applications and deployment in the instrumented City (iC) facility. Prof Margaret Bell has upgraded the iC through the delivery of £5M of national research infrastructure (JIF and SRIF), yielding a terabyte of historic data (traffic, pollution, noise, meteorological conditions, accidents etc) from UK cities providing unprecedented insights into air pollution and impact of driver behaviour, vehicle fleet and traffic flow characteristics.

Current Projects

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